At Parker & Barrow we are always on the hunt for something that makes us unique, so when a trip to the Olive Tree markets one day lead me to run into men’s t-shirt label outside the five I knew I had found just that.

“When Ben Stevens began finally scratching an itch to create, Outside The Five was born.

We are all about stepping outside your normal routines. It could be as simple as turning left instead of right or going somewhere different for your morning brew. You choose.

It all started with products made from recycled billboard vinyl. Having evolved to tshirt design, the focus is on original designs that let you think a bit. ”




Mine_Again_Top_Black_compact No_Scrubs_Cami_Check_compact No_Scrubs_Top_Check_compact

Rebellious styling with a mix of clean-cut designs and a bag full of bad attitude — That’s the vain of August Street.

Inspired by the style classics and produced with an innovative approach to design wearability, August Street is stirred by the projections of high fashion and the personality of street trends.

Spring stock from August Street has started arriving to Parker & Barrow. Welcome to the Joyride !!

As the school holidays can be a very quiet time in New Lambton our Trading hours during January will be slightly reduced

Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm

Saturday 9.30 am – 1pm

we we can stay a little later some days if we know your coming so give us a call 49524996

Thanks Lisa and the team at Parker & Barrow xo

Black Dewa is a fantastic new independent label that we are loving at Parker & Barrow. To tell you more about it I asked Jarrod to fill us in on what his label is all about !!

“I had been playing around with the idea of a label for quite some time; some thing relatable but with an independent feel to it, but not so outrageous that you cold not wear it in public. I played around with a few concepts but in the end it was clear, and I needed to be clear. So I came up with this rebellious type label for both men and women, by adding things like bold repeat prints, certain finishes on certain pieces, to even the cuts of the pieces.


1540356_950763314939284_3006083633890634867_o[1]  10406956_940049092677373_6111922706728238730_n[1]

My first motive I created was something that was simple but I guess you could say it was controversial. The upside down cross or anti Christ symbol most definitely is not to be perceived as devil worship but as a symbol of juvenile rebellion and most importantly as  a recognition of freedom of speech.”

Jarrod Adams.

Checkout Black Dewa in store now or online at Parker & Barrow x


Welcome to Parker & Barrow !!!


For anyone familiar with New Lambton you may have noticed something new !!!! In the first week of September a beloved New Lambton boutique Just Pink closed to make way for an amazing transformation …. in just 4 days Just Pink transformed into something completely unique. New Lambton’s first mixed men’s and women’s fashion store. Parker & Barrow still stocks the women’s labels that you loved at  Just Pink but now also carries some fun funky men’s wear also. Your favourite gift and accessory labels also remain but we have loads of great new independent clothing and accessory labels to introduce you to over the coming months !!! We love to support unique style and we aim to bring you some fantastic labels that produce classic pieces in unusual prints that you wont see just anywhere.



So if you love fun affordable easy wear fashion then Man or Women Parker & Barrow is for you !!!!